Ethical Certification SA 8000

TREVISAN SRL recognizes the value of work and respect for the person as fundamental ethical principles at the basis of its business.
It shares and respects the principles contained in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Rights of the Child, in the ILO conventions, in the Italian labor standards and respects collective bargaining with the social partners.
In order to promote the dissemination of its ethical values and demonstrate the ability to operate in compliance with the most advanced national and international labor regulations, the company has adopted a Social Accountability Management System compliant with SA 8000:2014 which is the highest international ethical standard for the respect of workers’ rights.

Social Accountability Policy

Procedure 9.6 - Complaints SA 8000

Complaint Form SA 8000

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The report can also be submitted anonymously. In this case the answer will be provided publicly, according to the provisions of the procedure PRE 9.6 “COMPLAINTS”.

Complaints can also be sent to the Certification Body:
SI Cert
Via Giardino, 12 – 6517 – Arbedo (Svizzera)

or at:
Director of Accreditation, SAAS (Social Accountability Accreditation Services)
15 West 44th Street, 6th floor – New York

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