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TREVISAN S.r.l. has a wide range of machines to perform any kind of intervention on Electric Traction systems:


The company has decided to pursue an efficient management of skills and processes and has acquired the system certifications according to ISO 9001, 14001, 37001 and 45001.

It is in possession of the SOA certification for the execution of public works falling into the categories OS27, OS9, OG10 and OG3.

It is also registered in the following Qualification Systems RETE FERROVIARIA ITALIANA S.p.A. for the works sector: SQ001 Interventions to the electric traction and energy plants (Categories LTE-001, LTE-002, LTE-003, LTE-004), SQ005 – Realization of the railway signalling plants (Category LIS-C) and SQ013 – Design and realization of technological plants for the emergency in the railway tunnels activated to the exercise (Categories TG-001, TG-002, TG-004 and TG-005).

It also obtained the SA 8000 certifications relating to the Social Accountability Management System and ISO 30415 relating to the management of human resources for aspects related to Diversity and Inclusion.

Interested parties can make reports and/or complaints in relation to facts and happenings that conflict with the principles of social responsibility adopted by the organization and with the contents of the SA 8000:2014 standard, by filling in a form, even anonymously:

Attestazione SOA

UNI EN ISO 9001:2015

UNI EN ISO 14001:2015

UNI ISO 37001:2016

Qualifica RFI SQ005 LIS-C

Qualifica RFI SQ013:

Qualifica RFI SQ001:

Policy for Quality, Safety,
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